Written by Richard T. Martin, the Compiler responsible for this website, Dynamic Door Approaches was published by Horizon Publishers in 1998 as an effective resource for Latter-Day Saint missionaries. It is available for free to those interested in reading or learning about it.

Front cover for Dynamic Door Approaches.

About the Book

I wrote Dynamic Door Approaches in 1997 and it was published nationwide by Horizon Publishers, the third largest book publishing company of its kind, in 1998. It did well and was in book stores for eight years.

One of the most difficult task facing a Latter-day Saint missionary is finding people to teach. Most people are not interested, and going door to door is difficult, but in some places this is how most people find out about the church. As one Swiss missionary told me, “Whenever the work got slow I would get out this book again and things got better.” 

Although intended to aid missionaries, the topics that are addressed are universal and will be of interest to many people. Some subjects are even profound. 

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